Cast  :

Naga Chaitanya Akkinei 

Sai Pallavi


Easwari Rao

Rajiv Kanakala


With Love Story Sekhar Kammula figures out how to push the limits with regards to what business film has come to mean. You have a standard saint, a heavenly entertainer and artist, a romantic tale sprinkled with foot-tapping tunes. However, he figures out how to discover a harmony between engaging the crowd and resolving social issues that don't regularly discover space in the accounts we typically see. Romantic tale is Sekhar Kammula's tribute to cherish. 

Revanth (Naga Chaitanya) moves to the city from Armoor, Nizamabad to graph his own personality. He has grown up confronting standing difference from an exceptionally youthful age yet has been told by his mom (Easwari Rao) that anything is conceivably as long as he buckles down for it. Mouni (Sai Pallavi) additionally escapes to Hyderabad to not simply affirm her freedom from a family that doesn't appear to get her yet additionally from a couple of devils from before. He has his own zumba focus regardless of whether he battles to earn enough to get by. She needs to get an IT work and is rather urged by Revanth to assist him with his zumba classes till she discovers what she needs. There's delightful melodies shot in the downpour, bunches of adoration, affectability, understanding and surprisingly some resentment. 

In Love Story Sekhar Kammula appears to say that the greatest untruth the 'huge city' handles is that it offers equivalent freedom to everybody regardless of their station or sex. Indeed, even there nobody is at any point really equivalent. Revanth's mortgage holder appears to be agreeable in appointing the work of getting a spilling sewer vent cleaned to him as opposed to doing it without anyone else's help. In one scene he's even told, "Meerantha inthe," furiously by somebody he thinks about his cherished one. Mouni is regularly told – nee valla kaad – so often that you trust her when she says – niku heart drove abba. The two are regularly given the worst part of the deal through the film yet they figure out how to keep themselves above water with one another's assistance. They even structure their own Pyarana Pul between their homes and regularly meet halfway, both in a real sense and metaphorically. 

However, which begins as a cheerful performer with fun minutes on account of Gangavva gets heavier as the film advances. Indeed, even as Mouni moves to Saranga Dariya and Revanth plans for their future together, you have a premonition in the pit of your stomach. The couple take calm minutes in the Metro however the things they show up with appears to linger over them. Sekhar Kammula does a particularly heavenly occupation of assisting you with putting resources into Revanth and Mouni's lives that your heart races when the story gets into the main part of things. It doesn't help that another youthful couple they know meet a destiny that doesn't loan them any expectation. Scenes where Revanth shouts in dissatisfaction and Mouni clarifies that it's not the ladies of the house that should be controlled, it's the men, stay with you long after the film is finished. 

Naga Chaitanya effectively conveys one of his profession's best exhibitions with Revanth. He is given a person that is delicate, amenable, comprehension of a young lady's limits and somebody who's not hesitant to exceed everyone's expectations for adoration – and he pulls it off well. Sai Pallavi is a fantasy to watch when she moves however is a joy when she performs. You recoil at whatever point she winces at a man's touch, your heart breaks when she cries and it takes off when she appears to track down a confiding in accomplice in Revanth. Rajeev Kanakala is given a job that is past the typical villainism with dialoguebaazi. He stays trustworthy as could be and pulls off what's required of him. So are Easwari Rao and Uttej, individuals who need the best for Revanth yet discover his arrangements audacious. Pawan Ch's music adds to the surface of the film, so does Vijay C Kumar's camerawork. 

However, romantic tale isn't a film without its imperfections. In a generally practical film, Uttej's person makes an arrangement so freakish to help the couple it nearly makes you laugh uncontrollably. However at that point once more, it clarifies that such extreme measures are required. The peak also surrenders to assist Revanth with getting his chivalrous second, regardless of whether for a couple of moments. Some may even grumble that the film 'hauls' at places, for certain scenes set to commute home a point that has effectively been noted. Others will say there's nothing novel at the core of the narrative of two people attempting to persuade their groups of their adoration. Also, just as Kammula spreads out the plot focuses for the huge uncover about Mouni's past through the film, it makes you keep thinking about whether it was rushed through a bit. The consummation is likewise hurried through. However, he merits credit for taking care of both station dissimilarity and kid sexual maltreatment with affectability and not utilizing them as plot focuses to drive the story forward. These issues are woven into the very being of his lead characters all things being equal. 

Regardless of whether tales about standing dissimilarity have been gotten in the new past by Tollywood, rarely would a film like Love Story is told with such consideration. Also, it's certainly not unexpected that ladies' issues are displayed in standard film. Watch the film if romantic tales with profundity are your favorite thing in the world.