Tottempodi Gopichand

Tamannaah Bhatia

Digangana Suryavanshi

Bhumika Chawla

Rao Ramesh

Posani Krishna Murali

Tarun Aurora


Sampath Nandi


Srinivasaa Chitturi

Celebrations are very inadequate without mass masala performers and Seetimaarr certainly fits the bill for that this Ganesh Chaturthi. The hotly anticipated film by Sampath Nandi at long last delivery and fortunately, it doesn't wind up being a tasteless watch. 

Karthi (Gopichand) trains youngsters in his town in Andhra Pradesh in kabaddi and Jwala Reddy (Tamannaah Bhatia) does likewise in Telangana. The couple land up in Delhi to assist them with winning the public title however threatening scalawag Singh (Tarun Arora) has different plans and snatches the AP group. Karthi presently needs to extend his muscles past preparing and bring back his group before it's past the point of no return. 

Each special material of Seetimaarr has fortunately made you arranged that it's a pakka mass actioner with the games a piece of it simply being the scenery. Sampath Nandi anyway utilizes the kabaddi part of it likewise in an engaging way. Directly consistently bodies fly on-screen and this doesn't stop till the end. The presentation battle is beat on and the film takes as much time as necessary to get to the real plot. We have seen many games dramatizations where man centric society doesn't allow young ladies to get their due and Seetimaarr also has scenes where the lead entertainer condescendingly explains ladies strengthening with emotional discoursed to a young lady's folks. Many years of sexism are handled with such exchanges yet it's not shocking in light of the fact that you were ready for this in a film that had a melody called Pepsi Aunty. The span scene turns out great and intrigues one to see the other portion of the film. 

The expected kabaddi bits get even more sensational with the seizing of an entire group. While Singh, an UP wear controls his region as simple as he bites skillet, it likewise gives our legend Karthi time to show his 'South ka satta' by obliterating his whole domain before the finish of the film. Sampath Nandi additionally decides to embed beautiful and captivating two part harmonies in middle of genuine struggle which appears to be an odd decision. Envision mentors Jwala Reddy and Karthi enjoying some time off to move to Jwala Reddy when the group is at serious risk. The tune is generally shot well and will be associated with long. 

The film can't be called unsurprising regardless however if by some stroke of good luck Tamannaah's person was fully explored better. The entertainer makes an honest effort to pull off a Telangana emphasize however it's elusive a hint of it in what she oversees. It's about time creators attempt to generalize specific dialects just by sluggishly setting a few words that evidently do the work. The activity scenes at the peak are again first rate and it'll be pleasant regardless of whether it's not your #1 type. The film doesn't lose pace till the end and Sampath should be acclaimed for something similar. 

Gopichand consistently gives his 100% and he does likewise in Seetimaarr. He looks fit and fantastic as a kabaddi trainer and pros the enthusiastic scenes as well. Yet, it seems like business limits keep him away from showing genuinely what a decent entertainer he truly is. Tamannah's marvelousness is a redirection from a testosterone high film on the grounds that generally her person and group appear to be superfluous to the story. Digangana Suryavanshi exists for a similar explanation withnothing much to do. Different entertainers, particularly the kabaddi players, look proficient on-screen. 

The mass masalaness, all things considered, genuinely cause us to disregard the many blemishes in Seetimaarr which steer clear of the way that there's a solid content sponsorship it. This film is a paisa vasool one in this OTT time.